McEwan’s Mcnificent Boxer Shorts


McEwan’s have teamed up with Bawbags to bring you limited edition McNificent boxer shorts, all profits will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK. Show your McNificent and buy a pair!

The McNificent boxer shorts are Bawbag Originals, which mean they are deluxe cotton custom fit, ensuring optimum comfort

  • Deluxe Premium Cotton
  • Custom Fit
  • Profit from each pair will go back to Prostate Cancer UK, helping save men’s lives.
Clear selection Size Guide
T-shirts Chest Size (in.)
XXL 49
XL 46
L 43
M 40
Ladies Fit 36
Polos Chest Size (in.)
XL 42/44
L 40/42
M 38/40

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