Dr Thirsty’s


12 Box

No. 4 Blonde

Fresh off his cart is No.4. It’s an unpasteurised shimmering blonde concoction of fruits. Instant refreshment with an insanely fragrant aroma. No.4 is the first of the good DR’s elixirs to emerge from his apothecary. We expect more brews to follow from this enigmatic character.

Abv: 4.1%
Hops: Styrian, Cascade, Soverign, Chinook
Malt: Pale Lager
Taste: Refreshing, crisp, bitter finish
Allergens: Barley
Bottle: 500ml
See: Blonde
Smell: Citrus, floral, honey
Style: Unpasteurised Blonde

Delivery to England & Northern Ireland available only